Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Morning at Jesmond Dene

A Few pictures of new moths for me that Mike Cook caught
in an overnight trap in Jesmond Dene.  Had a REET good time
and learnt a lot from Mike, Christina, Sarah from Jesmond Dene
and this 10yr old lad who went to great lengths to explain to me
about exoskeletons and the life of Water Boatmen (wonder
what he will be doing in 10yrs time) 

Burnished Brass

Dipleurina lacustrata

Purple Clay

Smal Fan Footed Wave

Small Fan Foot

Yarrow Plume

Although the star of the show (to the kids and me) was my 
first live view of a Poplar Hawk Moth

Also a small video 

ps. I actually found by own Dipleurina lacustrata on Saturday on
the side of my car in my hard standing where I park my car
in my garden

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