Wednesday, 13 August 2014

5th August 2014

Some of the Moths caught between 21.20 4th August and 04.55 5th August 2014
in my 15w Actinic Skinner Trap in my back garden in Howdon

0425x Ermine sp Yponomeuta padella
 0873 Blastobasis adustella
 0998 Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana
 1010 Red-barred Tortrix Ditula angustiorana
1304 Agriphila straminella 
1305 Agriphila tristella 
2107 Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba 
 2109 Lesser Yellow Underwing Noctua comes
2111 Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua janthe 
 2130 Dotted Clay Xestia baja - 2
 2134 Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa
 2164 Broad-barred White Hecatera bicolorata
2164 Broad-barred White Hecatera bicolorata (2) 
2318 Dun-bar Cosmia trapezina - 5 
2343x Common Rustic agg Mesapamea secalis - 1 
2389 Pale Mottled Willow Paradrina clavipalpis 
 Any clues anyone


  1. That's a name to conjour with. BLASTOBASIS ADUSTELLA.
    That was def Ag. Tritella that i had John.

  2. Big name for such a little thing

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  4. Hi John

    Try this web page to ID your Pug

    1. Hi Paul,

      thanks a lot, looks like a good ID site